Rory Finnegan

Katsushika Hokusai Wave

Software Developer and Computational Neuroscientist

Rory is a Software Developer and Neuroscientist who enjoys working on complex interdisciplinary problems. His broad academic and vocational experience, covering sysadmin, developer and researcher, makes him a valuable generalist for any project. Rory is currently working at Invenia where he develops and deploys power grid prediction models while mentoring junior staff. When he isn't glued to his screen, Rory spends his time cycling around Winnipeg or camping in the Canadian Shield.

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Open Source Software

Maintainer, Contributor and/or Owner


A virtual environment management tool for Julia (like python's virtualenv)


A type based approach to working with filesystem paths in Julia


A flexible logging library for Julia


Restricted Boltzmann Machines in Julia


Build, distribute, and execute task graphs

Julia Statistics

Statistics and Machine Learning made easy in Julia


The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing